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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd

Coal gas generator with clean coal technology

We specializes in the R & D, manufacturing and service of gas generator(coal gasifier,coal gasification) and its related products and equipment, combines the big industrial thinking with the concept of emission peak and carbon neutralization, provides our clients with various services, such as high-quality gas generator(gasifier or gasification) and equipment, accessories, upgrading and other service.

Hebei Jinxi iron and Steel Group Dafang Technology Co., Ltd. is located in three Tun Ying Town, Qianxi, Tangshan City, Hebei province. The company covers an area of 19.67 hectares, the building area of 68165 square meters, the registered capital of 93 million 90 thousand yuan, the total assets of 600 million yuan, and the annual output value of nearly 1 billion yuan. It has the production capacity of 30 thousand tons of steel castings within 60 tons per year and 40 thousand tons of iron castings within 80 tons.
Tangshan Keyuan environmental protection technology equipment Co., Ltd. carries on the project of Hebei Jinxi Dafang gas station. The construction scale is 1 sets and supporting purification equipment for the KM5Q2.6 dry distillation gas generator, the boiler gas combustion system and the general line of the roast bag. The gas station began to be formally installed in April 26, 2013, and the ignition began to be put into use in August 18, 2013. This project uses a gas producer to produce a part of the gas to produce steam to the VD furnace. The other part uses gas to roast and bake the room and other equipment, which has solved Party A's intention to transfer from the poor efficiency of the main production castings. The dilemma.

Coal gas generator with clean coal technology
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