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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd

Talent idea

It advocates the achievement culture, the execution culture and the communication culture, and actively creates the atmosphere that makes the talent stand out, and tries to build the learning organization and the rich fighting team.
By providing a harmonious working environment, challenging work and competitive treatment, Keyuan builds a stage for each employee to show talent, so that the staff's human capital is kept and added, so that employees and enterprises will grow up together.
Keyuan has always adhered to the training and construction of the core team and professional talents, and has forged a core team with open field of vision, strong career heart and excellent professional ability. This makes the source of Science in the key changes, each of which is more forward-looking and efficient. Today, more and more elites have joined the excellent team of Keyuan, making the ideal of Keyuan bigger than in the past, the pace of progress is more steady.

Employee training

Our study and training are rich and colorful: not regularly send senior executives to well-known colleges and universities to receive on-the-job education or short-term training; foreign employees take part in professional training related to this position; famous training institutions are invited to carry out special training in enterprises; managers and professionals go to excellent projects abroad and abroad; participate in related academics. Seminars, seminars; managers at all levels to timely staff professional skills training; this year also introduced e-learning learning model, and so on.

"Continuous learning, continuous transcendence, let employees grow together with the company", the company has the minimum number of training hours per year for employees at different levels. The focus of the company's education and training is to update knowledge, improve comprehensive quality, solve difficulties and highlight problems. In the light of the perplexity in the work and the needs of the next step of the enterprise, education and training are constantly strengthened, and the ability to improve the analysis and solve the problem has been continuously made a breakthrough.

The Ministry of human resources focuses on staff training and talent storage and development. Among them, the improvement of the quality and ability of the company's management team and the reserve development of the senior and senior personnel are the focus of our attention.

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