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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd

Coal gas generator with clean coal technology

We specializes in the R & D, manufacturing and service of gas generator(coal gasifier,coal gasification) and its related products and equipment, combines the big industrial thinking with the concept of emission peak and carbon neutralization, provides our clients with various services, such as high-quality gas generator(gasifier or gasification) and equipment, accessories, upgrading and other service.

Bazhou Tianli Pipe Co., Ltd. was built in 1998. It is located in the middle of Beijing and Tianjin. It is connected with the famous northern town of Shengfang. The company covers 86 mu. It can produce various specifications of cold belt, middle retreat belt, black retreat belt, bright belt, galvanized pipe, galvanized belt and so on. In 2011, our company was built for the scale of 3.6m Environmental Protection Festival. Energy-type two-stage cold gas generator set, in June 2012 began to ignite gas supply, has been operating normally, customers give high praise.

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