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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd

People-oriented honesty and credibility

The development of any enterprise ultimately depends on "people". People are the foundation of development and the basic conditions for promoting enterprise centripetal force, cohesive force, knowledge productivity and core competitiveness, and the inexhaustible motive force for the stability, harmony and sustainable development of the enterprise. In order to make the decision of the leadership more realistic, the management of the staff more humanized and the product development to meet the needs of the customers, we can provide a solid foundation of mass, sufficient personnel protection, long-term customer trust and support for the development of the enterprise.

Throughout the ages, good faith has always been the code of conduct for all walks of life. It is the so-called "people without faith are not established, business without credit is not reputation, industry without credit is not good". Integrity has become the foundation of enterprises in today's increasingly fierce market competition. It is the firm cornerstone of the insistence that the insistence of "the source of science" has gone through the wind and rain for nearly ten years, and is still a solid foundation that has never changed.

Perseverance, pragmatic and collaborative innovation

We have perseverance and pragmatic ambition. Regardless of the adverse circumstances, no matter the difficulties and difficulties, we will stick to our faith, abide by the standards, do practical, practical, practical, heavy and practical, strong and solid footprints that make us today. The solid foundation and strong backing of heart and soaring dream.

Innovation is the soul of enterprise survival and development, cultivating innovative spirit, breaking the stereotyped thinking pattern, continuously developing new thinking, new ideas, new technologies, new products, and pursuing outstanding products and services, to continuously improve the core competitive power of the enterprise and make the enterprise sustainable development and stability. Development and harmonious development are possible.

Customer paramount and attentive service

The development of an enterprise depends on the trust and support of its customers. We always abide by the principle of "customer first, consistent" and "careful service and fast quality". We regard the customer's requirements as the standard of our work. We regard customers' interests above everything and all, respect customers, understand customers, listen to customers' opinions and suggestions, and strive to improve the quality of products and services. Let our customers have a sense of purpose and benefit, and use our sincerity, sincerity, and diligently to exchange customers' confidence, comfort and comfort.

Saving energy and protecting the environment

We live under the same blue sky and have the same earth. Facing the deterioration of the world's ecological environment and the shortage of resources, we should be aware that saving the earth, protecting the environment and saving energy is the common responsibility of our human beings. As a production enterprise of environmental protection equipment, we have been devotes to the development of clean energy technology. We will focus on efficient and advanced energy saving and environmental protection technology, carefully develop equipment and products which are highly specialized, highly intelligent and highly scientific and technological for more industries, and make our due contribution to saving energy and protecting the environment.

Continuous improvement and improvement

"Pursuing excellence and accomplishments" is the lofty ideal that our Keyuan people always strive to achieve. From the design scheme, purchase supply, production and production, safety inspection, and ignition debugging, the fine differential pool on any link may affect the normal operation of the product and cause unnecessary economic losses to the customers. Therefore, we have been working hard to improve the quality management system, pay attention to every detail with accurate standards, and strive to provide the best and reliable products and the most efficient and considerate service for the customers.

Based on market cooperation and innovation

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition environment, how to improve the knowledge productivity and core competitiveness of the enterprise, make the enterprise stand in an invincible position for a long time, and focus more on improving the performance and quality of the product has become the most important thing in the development of the enterprise. In view of the market, market demand oriented, science and technology as the core, customer requirements as the standard, through cooperation with the high-end research institute in the field, expand new thinking, new ideas, develop new technology, new products, create high quality, high technology, is the eternal goal of the "science source" R & D team to pursue.

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