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Desulphurization system

Desulphurization is a common desulfurization method and is widely used for fine desulfurization.
1. activated carbon desulfurization method Activated carbon desulphurization
The principle of desulphurization Desulphurization principle
The main mechanism of activated carbon desulphurization is catalysis and adsorption. When the gas containing H2S passes through the activated carbon bed, the heat release reaction occurs under the atmospheric pressure, and the catalyst is oxidized to the elemental sulfur and water on the surface of the activated carbon, and the product is adsorbed by activated carbon to achieve the purpose of desulfurization.
The principle of regeneration Regeneration principle
Using the superheated steam above 400 C into the activated carbon bed, the elemental sulfur adsorbed by activated carbon is analyzed, so that the activated carbon is regenerated and the sulfur is recovered. However, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will gradually decrease with the prolongation of the use time, and the adsorption capacity will be lost at a certain time.
2. iron oxide desulphurization method Ferric oxide desulfurization
The principle of desulphurization Desulfurization principle
2FeOOH+3H2S==Fe2S3. H2O+3H2O
The principle of regeneration Regenerating principle
Fe2S3. H2O+1.5O2==2FeOOH+3S

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