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Solutions of waste water

  Phenol water(Waste water) is produced in the process of coal gasification and purification, mainly from the incomplete reaction of coal carrying water and gasification agent. The impurities are mainly solid particles such as coal or dust, and the harmful substances are one yuan benzene, toluene, light tar and so on. According to the characteristics of the phenol water produced by the gas station, our company has developed a set of phenol water treatment system with zero emission of phenol water through years of research and experiment, and has obtained the patent of the national invention, the patent number: ZL200910000730.0.
  The solution of the whole phenol water process is to solve the phenol water problem thoroughly by the technical support of the patent technology phenol water treatment system, through the source investigation, process control, harmless treatment and so on. Compared with the ordinary process, more than 95% energy is saved and more than 40% of the water is saved.
  The technology has been applied in many projects of our company, running steadily, low failure rate, phenol water treatment thoroughly, can realize automatic operation.

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