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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd
CCT Gas generator

  CCT GAS GENERATOR, also known as the 5Q two-stage gas generator or pyrolysis coal gasifier with clean coal technology(CCT), is a new product created using minimalist industrial thinking. It combines the advantages of a single stage gas generator and a double stage gas generator, and has undergone equipment upgrades, automation upgrades, and environmental upgrades on the basis of a conventional fixed bed gas generator. It eliminates the shortcomings of a conventional fixed bed gas generator, such as dirty environment, unpleasant odor, and ineffective treatment of phenolic water, and returns the gas station of the gas generator to an efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly track. On this basis, the CCT gas generator has also achieved the function of collaborative treatment of industrial waste, allowing the gas generator not only to produce gas, but also to have some functions of incinerator, pyrolysis furnace, and dry distillation furnace, and the environmental protection ability has been developed and utilized.

  With the continuous improvement of environmental protection and automation functions, our products have also been exported to developed countries. After multiple rounds of technical negotiations and on-site visits by experts, our company's atmospheric fixed bed gas generator has successfully signed contracts with South Korea's Pohang Iron and Steel Company(POSCO) and Australia's Royce Company. It has been in operation for many years, and the equipment efficiency and environmental indicators have been recognized and praised by foreign clients.

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