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Change gas shortage - coal modification is a better choice

Since winter, the price of LNG has risen sharply. In November 27th, several big LNG manufacturers in North China will rise to 1100 to 1500 yuan per ton, and the single day increase is 21% to 27%; since September, the cumulative increase of LNG has exceeded 100%. In spite of this, the trend of tight supply of liquefied natural gas has not been avoided. Hebei province has taken the lead in the warning of orange color. The Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission decided to start the province's natural gas demand side management mechanism and enter the province's natural gas supply orange early warning in November 28th. This means that the supply of natural gas in Hebei has been in serious tension. Orange early warning is second only to the level I early warning (red), which means that the gap between supply and demand in the whole province reaches 10% to 20%, and has a greater impact on the normal operation of the economy and society. Not only are Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and other places coming out of the gas limit this year because of insufficient supply. LNG trade and distribution platform said recently, the terminal gas stations in Shandong, Liaoning and other places also appeared the phenomenon of liquefied gas supply off.
The state has issued various policies to stabilize the price and supply of the gas source, but for the users who have completed the transformation, the shortage of gas is difficult to avoid, no gas is available, and it is also the fact that no warm supply is available. In this case, how to solve the shortage of gas supply? The rational choice of heating mode is your only solution. The coal-to-electricity heating system produced by our company can completely solve this problem and is the best choice to alleviate the shortage of gas and stabilize the heating cost. We use the peak valley electricity price difference, only use the evening low valley electricity price storage, the high electricity price in the daytime stop heating, in the time needed heating to release the heat, in order to ensure the heating needs of the users. This kind of equipment is not related to the supply and price of natural gas, the power supply of the national grid is sufficient, it does not have to increase the capacity for the general industrial enterprises, the heating cost is stable, and the gas is more environmentally friendly, safer and lower in operation cost. Our heating system can be unmanned, automatic operation, and can adjust heating temperature automatically according to indoor and outdoor temperature difference, make the heating more intelligent, more comfortable, suitable for all kinds of industrial enterprises, schools, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and so on. Coal modification is also a kind of coal reducing method encouraged by the state. There are corresponding preferential policies and subsidies in each area. It is a kind of environmental heating mode which is not restricted by various factors. For civilian users, no peak wave valley tariff should be selected carefully.
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