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The reporter recently learned from the national development and Reform Commission that in order to support the northern region to accelerate the realization of clean heating, in the area suitable for "coal conversion", the reasonable heating quantity for the residents in various provinces and the first resident electricity price are carried out.
According to the policy, the system of peak valley electricity price is perfected by the way of carrying out the policy of peak valley electricity price on the side of the Internet, improving the time division of the sales side peak and valley, and expanding the peak valley price difference. We encourage the implementation of peak valley time pricing policy on the basis of residents' step price, and extend the valley time appropriately in the heating season. With the village or the natural village as the unit, electric heating or heat pump, such as electric heating or heat pump, is used to heat the electricity through the transformation of "coal to electricity", and the same price policy is carried out with the household "coal electricity" for heating. It is encouraged to reduce the cost of heating electricity by means of renewable energy consumption, direct transaction of cross area electricity, market bidding and so on, and the use of grain quantity for heat storage or heating. The price of Gu Duanshu distribution is 50% lower than that of the average transmission and distribution price.
In the areas where natural gas resources are guaranteed and suitable for "coal to gas", comprehensive measures are taken to reduce the cost of gas for clean heating, and the rural "coal to gas" is mainly supported. At the gate-station stage, the government-guided prices of onshore pipeline natural gas for rural "coal to gas" heating valve stations shall be implemented according to the residential gas prices.
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