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Preferential policies for coal conversion in eighteen provinces

North star fire power grid news: Reading: General Secretary General Secretary of the central financial leadership group, held in December 21, 2016 at the fourteenth meeting to promote the cleaning and heating, in order to let the vast majority of people in the industry to understand the reform of coal gas coal reform policies in all parts of the country, the small editor specially searched the 18 provinces to edit and release, there are not all We look forward to the positive supplement.
1 Beijing
"Plan for the implementation of clean energy and coal reduction for coal reduction" in villages in rural areas in 2016, "plan for 2016-2020 years to accelerate the promotion of clean energy alternative work for civil coal powder for 2016-2020 years" "notice on the adjustment of the government fixed assets investment policy of the municipal government of clean energy transformation of coal-fired boiler houses"
In February 17, 2016, the office of the people's Government of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the plan of the key work division of the work report of the municipal government in 2016, which perfected the implementation mechanism of the responsibility for the prevention and control of air pollution. The government decided to "implement the clean energy of 400 villages and clean the clean energy source of the 3000 steam tons of coal-fired boilers", and the government also issued specific measures. . The residents in the rural areas of Beijing can also enjoy the same subsidies as the urban area, which are subsidized by 0.1 yuan / kWh from the two level finance of the city and district. In this way, the residents will spend 1 cents per kilowatt hour in the heating season.
In the rural villages of Beijing in 2016, "coal to clean energy and coal to reduce coal" in the guidance of the guidance of the work pointed out that in order to save energy and reduce the consumption of residents, in principle, the area is strictly forbidden to use "direct heat" electric heating equipment (if used, to ensure that residents can not be high cost of electricity consumption and re use combustion. " Coal); to encourage the use of a combination of multi - energy, multi - heat, multi - source and other equipment, such as low temperature air sources, ground source heat pumps, solar energy and auxiliary energy systems. The promotion of heat pumps and "multi energy linkage" equipment in each district is no less than 80% of the heating equipment in this area.
In order to encourage the transformation of clean energy in coal-fired boilers, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau raised the subsidy standards. In 2002, the "Beijing boiler reform subsidy fund management method" stipulated that 20 steam tonnes of coal-fired boilers per steam ton subsidy of 55 thousand yuan, 20 steam tons or more subsidies 100 thousand yuan, on this basis, in 2014, further increased the strength, the suburban district coal boiler subsidy standard one increased to 130 thousand yuan per steam ton. On the other hand, the municipal development and Reform Commission promulgated the notice on the adjustment of the government fixed assets investment policy of the clean energy transformation of the coal-fired boiler room (Jing FA Reform [2014] No. 1576), which expanded the scope of the fixed assets support for the clean energy transformation of coal-fired boilers, and invested 30 of the coal fired boiler in accordance with the original scale transformation project, and 30 of the coal fired boiler. The percentage of subsidized funds is arranged in a proportion of%. These policies and measures have effectively promoted the implementation of the task of "coal to gas" in coal-fired boilers.
Preferential period preference for low valley
Beijing municipal government departments jointly issued the "Beijing electric heating low valley electricity preferential measures", electric heating users from November 1st from November 1st to the next March 31st to enjoy low valley electricity preference; low valley preferential period from 23:00 to the next day 7:00. In the low valley preferential period, there is no distinction between electricity and heating objects, which are charged at 0.2 yuan / kWh (including the Three Gorges construction fund and the urban utility surcharge). For residential users, the use of household-based heating, low-priced period of heating equipment, household electricity together enjoy low-priced.
2 Shanxi
Notice of the general office of the Shanxi Provincial People's Government on printing and distributing air pollution control measures for 2013-2020 years in Shanxi Province
Implementation plan for promoting pilot project of "coal to electricity" in urban and rural heating
Accelerating the replacement of coal fired small boilers, effectively controlling the haze weather, promoting the development of the electric heating industry, eliminating the surplus electric power in the province, improving the electrification level of the urban and rural areas, improving the urban and rural energy structure and the living environment, through the air source heat pump, the energy storage type electric heater, the storage type thermoelectric cable, the large heat storage, the ground source heat pump and so on. Achieve the goal.
Through the development of the heating "coal to electricity" pilot, gradually replace the traditional coal fired small boiler, improve the proportion of electricity to the terminal consumption, eliminate surplus electricity, protect the residents heating, reduce air pollution emission, and promote the adjustment of urban and rural heating energy structure adjustment and technological progress. In 2016, 5000 households and 50 expressway service areas (charge station management office area) were used for heating "coal to electricity" pilot projects, and electric heating was promoted in conditions of experimental schools, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, factory buildings and other public buildings. During the period of "13th Five-Year", the whole province strives to complete 500 thousand household heating "coal to electricity" task. In conditions, there are all the public welfare institutions, such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, tourist attractions, and other public welfare institutions, township and village committees, and so on. In 2020, the power consumption capacity of more than 6 billion degrees is added to the annual average.
To implement the peak valley time price policy in an all-round way, carry out the time price policy of the residential electricity peak valley for the residents of the heating "coal to electricity", the general industrial and commercial users carry out the time price policy of the general industrial and commercial electricity peak valley, and use the electricity price according to the standard of the provincial price authorities, and the installation of high efficiency and energy saving electric heating equipment. The cost of equipment purchase from the provincial and municipal level is 1/3. The total amount of the two level subsidy is not more than 20000 yuan per household; the provincial and municipal levels are subsidized by 0.1 yuan per hour for the heating season low valley electricity price, and the maximum allowance of no more than 12000 degrees per household in each heating season; and the study of the installation of high efficiency and energy saving electric heating equipment. Non profit public welfare institutions such as school, nursing home and other non-profit public welfare institutions are subsidized by 1/3 of the three levels of the province, city and county, and the Management Office of the Provincial Expressway Service Area (Toll Station Management Office)
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