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Improving the price policy of coal to electricity in the northern heating season and expanding the downward float ratio of valley electricity prices

Source: daily economic news 2017-09-26 09:03
With the continuous development of clean heating and the improvement of the environment, the residents are more concerned about the price of electricity.
On September 25, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Opinions on the Price Policy for Clean Heating in the North (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). Among them, for the "coal to electricity", the opinion pointed out that the appropriate expansion of the side peak valley electricity price difference. Under the condition that the average level of sales side is unchanged, the proportion of electricity consumption price to float downward in the valley section of heating season will be further expanded.
Yuan Jiahai, a professor at the school of economics and management of North China Electric Power University, told the daily economic news reporter that the central issue of heating in the north is whether the people can afford it or not, and whether the heating subsidies for "coal to electricity" are sustained in some areas. Heating is basically at night, through the poor electricity price in the big peak valley, further reducing the price of the valley electricity, can reduce the cost of electricity consumption of the common people without relying on subsidies, and is relatively more sustainable.
Peak valley electricity price difference enlargement
With the support of government subsidies, the equipment for heating and transforming the coal to electricity can be put into operation. But the more important question is whether ordinary people have the power to use it.
"If the cost is not high enough, the ordinary people can afford it, then they will have the motivation. Otherwise, the people will only use the way they can accept." An unnamed electric power industry told the daily economic news reporter that the price mechanism and the subsidy design are the most important issues affecting the electric heating of the people.
Yuan Jiahai pointed out that Beijing air pollution pressure is larger, "coal electricity" subsidies are also large, but other places are not applicable, because many places have no such large financial support capacity. Therefore, the subsidy is not applicable to every place, it is not sustainable, the most fundamental is to pull the gap between the electricity price of the big peak valley, further reduce the price of the valley electricity, in order to reduce the cost of electricity consumption for the residents.
Opinions are also clear, perfect sales side peak valley time division. For the heating part, the valley period should be extended appropriately (not more than 2 hours in principle), and the price periods of peak, flat and valley should be optimized. Moreover, the electricity price difference between the sales side peak and the valley is appropriately expanded. Under the condition that the average level of sales side is unchanged, the proportion of electricity consumption price will be further expanded.
In Yuan Jiahai's view, some local valley electricity prices should be lower than Beijing's 0.3 yuan / degree. To increase the willingness of the people to convert coal to electricity and reduce the heating costs of the people.
Yuan Jiahai said that while valley electricity prices were reduced, the average sales side remained unchanged, which means that peak electricity prices would rise. "If the peak electricity price does not rise, the power grid companies will not be able to achieve a balance of financial gains and losses, and the power grid companies will lose enthusiasm over a long period of time." He said.
"When Power Grid Corp was doing the heating transformation, it paid a lot of price to the rural distribution network." Yuan Jiahai said, "coal to electricity" led to the heating season power grid load increased, the past low voltage lines and transformers need to be transformed, the Power Grid Corp has done a lot of investment.
For example, the above electricity industry figures say that if the heating season is reduced by 5 cents, the peak segment will probably increase slightly. Because of the large amount of electricity used in the heating season and the small power consumption of peak electricity, the peak power can be increased by a large margin to ensure financial balance.
In order to promote the process of "coal to electricity" and "coal to gas" in the north, it is proposed to encourage social capital to participate in the investment and construction of the clean heating project through the government and the social capital cooperation (PPP) model, to solve the financing problems of the project in a multichannel way and reduce the cost of financing.
However, it is worth noting that some enterprises had previously reflected "coal to electricity" one-time investment and high operation cost, so it is necessary to use the energy storage method to maintain the balance of the power grid and reduce the heating cost.
Yuan Jiahai said that the current difficulty lies in how to evaluate the total input and output of coal to electricity projects. Less coal, less pollution, for the social value of the society, how the government through the social level of income accounting methods to quantify the value, in order to give access to the space for social capital profit.
Yuan Jia Hai detailedly said that the investment and construction of the clean heating project, such as "coal to electricity", has the nature of quasi public service in a certain sense. To attract social capital, the government and the project should produce some not real cost and income, but are based on coal reduction and emission reduction into accounting, which is similar to that of one. The model of contract energy management.
It is understood that the contract energy management is a new type of market-oriented energy saving mechanism, and its essence is to reduce the cost of energy to pay all the cost of energy saving projects.
In addition, Yuan Jiahai said that the government should also increase financial support, or green financial support, to give tax incentives and other aspects.
Opinions also pointed out that vigorously developing green finance, under the premise of controllable risk, increase the support for clean heating enterprises and projects. We support the financing of clean heating projects through corporate bonds and low interest loans.
In terms of strengthening financial support, the views are also clear. All localities should study the policy measures to support clean heating, use relevant government funds, increase the support for clean heating and tilt to key cities. Implementation of heating enterprises to residents heating related value-added tax, property tax, urban land use tax preferential policies.
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