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Early deployment of air pollution prevention and winter defense in Tianjin

From October 15, 2015 to March 31, 2016, the city and county government and the relevant departments of all districts of the city in Tianjin should further strengthen the 8 aspects of coal, dust, industry and motor vehicle pollution prevention and control.
"The emergency notice on the prevention and control of air pollution in this winter and the spring" (hereinafter referred to as "the notice") has been made by the headquarters of the "beautiful Tianjin No. 1 project".
It is reported that air pollution in Tianjin mainly presents 3 characteristics in winter.
First, the characteristics of the coal smoke pollution are obvious. According to the monitoring data in 2014, the ambient air quality index of Tianjin heating season is 1.42 times that of the non heating season. According to the results of particle source analysis, the contribution rate of coal to PM10 and PM2.5 pollution in winter was 42.3% and 43.3%, respectively, 2.2 times and 2.3 times the average level of other seasons, respectively.
Two is the dry climate and the dust pollution. In Tianjin, the winter weather is dry, the precipitation is reduced greatly, and the washing operation is not convenient, which leads to the increase of road dust. The construction site, the bare land and the yard are more prone to dust.
The three is the heavy pollution of the weather. Since 2013, the city of Tianjin has a total of six severe polluted weather for 17 days, all concentrated in the heating season; a total of five levels of severe polluted weather 77 days, of which 50 days of heating season, accounting for 65%.
In accordance with the characteristics of the winter air pollution and the outstanding problems to be solved, the notice has identified 8 main tasks:
First, conscientiously implement the responsibility. Party committees and governments at all levels are responsible and responsible for the responsibility of controlling the territorial management of air pollution in villages and towns and in the streets. Before heating in winter, the tasks of air pollution prevention and heavy pollution weather should be put into practice.
Two is to control coal pollution. The improvement of combustion management of coal-fired boilers will be accelerated to ensure the complete completion of the annual combustion and shutdown of coal-fired boilers before the end of October, and to complete the maintenance and maintenance of environmental protection facilities for coal-fired boilers. Since November 1st, the results and penalties of pre coal sampling have been released to the public every half month.
The three is to control the surface pollution such as dust and dust. Construction sites strictly implement the "five hundred percent" dust control requirements, and strictly control residue and soil transport access, road transport and pollution penalties.
The four is to control motor vehicle pollution, strictly supervise motor vehicle and oil standards, strictly carry out environmental consistency verification of new cars, carry out comprehensive investigation and special law enforcement inspection for heavy diesel vehicles and non road machinery.
The five is to supervise the discharge of the industrial enterprises to reach the standard, to speed up the progress of industrial pollution control, and to ensure the complete completion of the 60 sets of volatile organic compounds in the chemical and petrochemical industry by the end of October and the task of desulfurization, dust removal and volatile organic matter management of 22 key industrial enterprises.
Sixthly, in response to unfavorable meteorological conditions, we should effectively strengthen the early warning and forecast of air quality, and analyze and judge the city's ambient air quality day by day, week by week and month by month.
The seven is to strengthen environmental supervision and law enforcement, from October to December, carry out the 100th day action of air pollution law enforcement in the whole city, and strictly check the illegal activities of all kinds of coal burning facilities, industrial enterprises, heavy diesel cars, construction sites and concrete mixing stations.
Eight is the strict assessment of accountability, strengthening the city's air pollution prevention and control work in this winter and the spring, according to the law to investigate the responsibility of the relevant units and personnel.
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