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Coal enterprises want to regain the "one way" or new opportunities in the overseas market

Struggling coal companies seem to be brewing to restart the coal export business. Han Jianguo, President of the Shenhua Group, said that Shenhua Group has always attached great importance to the work of coal exports to Japan, and hopes to steadily restore the Japanese market and expand the scale of coal exports.
According to the China Energy News reporter, since the unified collection of 10% temporary tariffs on coal exports since 2008, China's coal export volume has fallen from 53 million 170 thousand tons in 2007 to 5 million 740 thousand tons in 2014, with a decrease of up to 89.2%. China's coal market has been tight at one time. Can China's coal alleviate the current predicament by finding overseas markets?
How to dissolve excess capacity
In recent years, the development of the coal industry has entered a low period. Relevant data show that Shenhua coal sales fell 18.4% in January-August, with the end of the peak summer season, August sales fell nearly 34% year-on-year. Coal demand is still sluggish because of overcapacity in coal production. The international coal market is also depressed, so far, the United States, including Walter Energy and other large coal companies, including more than 30 coal companies have filed for bankruptcy.
Industry insiders pointed out that if Shenhua resumed exports, the domestic coal market will have a positive impact, can ease the pressure of some domestic overcapacity.
But Li Ting, a coal analyst for the center for the promotion of the central business, said that China's increase in coal exports will aggravate the competition for the coal market in Australia and Indonesia. The result may further lower the international coal prices, and the import of coal in the northeast and southeast coastal areas of China is likely to increase. Generally speaking, there is little significance for improving domestic coal supply and demand.
Another insider told reporters that China will cancel carbon export tariffs by the end of this year. Li Ting told reporters: "even if we reduce or cancel the provisional tariffs on coal exports, exports will not increase significantly in the short term."
At present, China's excess coal production capacity has exceeded 1 billion tons, accompanied by idle equipment, surplus personnel and technical lag and other factors of "excess".
The development of the coal industry has entered a trough. How can we transfer excess capacity? How does the overseas market develop? More attention is focused on the strategic layout of the "one area and one road".
"Along the road" will directly affect the construction of infrastructure, drive the consumption of steel and cement, and then improve the demand for coal, and provide a certain development opportunity to solve the difficult situation. " Wu Lixin, vice president of the strategic planning department of the general coal division, pointed out. In recent years, the economic growth rate of Kazakhstan, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Mongolia and other countries and regions along the "one area and one road" is very good. In recent years, the economic growth rate is rapid, and the coal industry needs to be rejuvenation and improvement. She pointed out that if China's enterprises participate in the development and utilization of coal resources in these countries, it is very important for China's coal transformation and upgrading, the development of the coal industry along the country and the economic development along the line.
Niu Kehong, a senior researcher at the China Energy Research Association, told reporters: "there are new resources, new projects and new markets, which can be given new values in China's coal enterprises, and some of them can be given new values, to a certain extent, to resolve the excess contradictions."
Be sure to find out the bottom of the house
Experts point out that, as the basic energy of our country, the coal industry has a long history in China, and it is a high level in the technical level, equipment level and the modernization level of the coal mine building, and the business ability and international competitive ability are also increasing, which have created an international cooperation. Set the advantage.
The reporter has learned that some of our technical equipment have reached the world advanced level in coal safety, coal mining and coal cleaning and so on, such as 7 ~ 14.0m thick coal seam fully mechanized coal caving mining, high coal seam high caving mining with large coal seam above 14.0m thick coal seam and short wall mechanized mining and so on. To solve the problem of world mining.
People in the industry pointed out that the development of coal enterprises should take technical equipment as the guide, and rely on advanced technology, equipment, technology and materials to meet the needs of other coal countries in production efficiency, economic benefits and environmental protection.
Since the "one along the road" initiative proposed, Shenhua, Yanzhou mining, Chinese coal industry and other coal enterprises on the basis of "going out" in the earlier period, actively plan to open up business in the countries and regions along the "one area and one road", and have achieved preliminary results. Can these experiences be replicated? How can coal enterprises participate in the construction of "one way and one road" in a steady and orderly way?
"China's participation in the country's coal construction along the area should be laid out on the whole, and it is easy to be difficult to follow, to take advantage and avoid harm, and to" go out "in a stable and orderly manner. Wu Lixin told reporters, "this needs to be done with the countries along the line. It is mainly to find out some basic resources and coal development in the countries and regions along the line, and to further combine the development of the local areas to study the development needs of the coal industry in order to accurately locate the partners in different countries. To. "
In addition, she also stressed that the objective investment environment outside the industry is also very important, the local social and political situation, policy changes, cultural customs have to have a certain understanding, in the process of investment in the initiative.
The cooperation initiative of the "one way and one way" has been actively responded to by the countries along the line, and coal enterprises should take a good job in the opportunity to participate in this strategy. According to Niu Kehong, China's coal enterprises can participate in "

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