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Pakistan's natural gas supply is insufficient and industrial demand is hard to meet.

According to Pakistan's "dawn" on September 15th, Abbas (Shahid Khaqan ABBasi), the oil and natural resources minister, told a news conference on Monday that this winter will only meet the needs of domestic residents because of the shortage of natural gas, and it is difficult to provide natural gas for industrial users. The North Suy natural gas pipeline company (SuiNorthern Gas Pipeline Limited) can use natural gas as 1150mmcfd (million cubic feet per day), of which 350mmcfd supplies northwest province, 800mmcfd supplies Punjab Province, but the actual demand in Punjab is super 900mmcfd. Abbas said that natural gas belonging to Punjab will be used to meet civil needs. Abbas said the main reasons for the shortage of natural gas include: one is that the reduction of natural gas reserves leads to the reduction of natural gas in the country from 2.9bcfd (one billion cubic feet per day) to 24bcfd. Therefore, the North Sui gas pipeline company can provide natural gas volume from 1700mmcfd to 1150mmcfd. The two is that sustained consumer subsidies have an impact on production and imports, and the Sui Southern Gas Company, the main supply of natural gas, needs to bear 6 billion rupees for losses caused by the price reduction, and the burden is heavier. Three is the poor management of some natural gas companies.
Abbas suggested that, on the one hand, we should stabilize the production and import prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and set out the distribution and sales price, and put it on the list of price monitoring products so that it can replace liquefied natural gas partially, and the Ministry of oil and natural resources has submitted related applications to the CCI. On the other hand, we should strengthen the supervision of the company and deal with some illegal high-level officials.
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