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League building of KEYUAN——Zhimaowan

League building of Keyuan group was successfully completed.

Zhi anche Bay, known as the first beach in Liaoning, is located in the shore of Bohai in the west of Liaoning Province, adjacent to Shanhaiguan. It was the most rich fishing port in the northeast, with the best quality beaches in Liaoning. It is said that the palace where the Qin Emperor visited the sea in Wudong of the Han Dynasty was covered with dust, and the moving stories about Xu Fu's eastward quest for immortals and Meng Jiangnu's hatred for the sea were spread. Blue sea, dazzling sunshine, golden beach, beautiful legend, mysterious Zhi Anchor Bay bears the boundless expectation of our body and mind to fly.

Surfing, swimming, gathering shells, catching jellyfish, eating barbecues, we shouted, ran, jumped, and seemed to return to the innocent childhood. Walking on the soft sand beach, standing up and overlooking, the sea sky intersected in the far sky, the waves rippled from the horizon, washed the coast, washed the weariness of our body, and scoured our closed heart for a long time in the city.

Since ancient times, people's admiration and awe of the sea are beyond words. The spirit of the sea is related to the spirit of Keyuan. Hainer, there are vast expanse of chest; never give up, never defeat the tenacious will; hard struggle, take pain for the dedication of the feelings of dedication; constantly enterprising, brave the tide of innovation consciousness; wind the waves, the fearless struggle spirit. These enterprises' spirit of absorbing from the sea and promoting Keyuan will continue to be inherited and developed by Keyuan people.




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