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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd
A tour of Guilin

In early June 2011, all employees of Keyuan company began to visit Guilin with anticipation. The five-day trip is planned to visit many famous scenic spots in Guilin, such as the Lijiang River, Yangshuo, Xiangshan, Yulong River, Reed Flute Rock, Big Banyan, and Ducai Mountain.

As Han Yue called "Jiang Zuo Qingluo belt, mountain like Jasper hairpin" Guilin, we have heard of it for a long time, and we have a deep experience of it. Guilin is a landscape city. Water is the soul of Guilin city. The mountain is the strength of Guilin and the landscape is inseparable. The limpid water of the Lijiang River leads us to the polluted mind of the city. The Lijiang River from Guilin to the two sides of Yangshuo is like a beautiful mountain.

During the trip, my colleagues were as enthusiastic as the weather in June, and their unity and cooperation embodied the spirit of Keyuan constantly surpassing the pursuit of perfection. Through this trip, the family of coyuan company, in the journey, threw open the exhaustion of work and life, light on the road, both physically and mentally relaxed, and added infinite power to the future work and life.







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