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Energy saving clean coal technology - furnace gas technology

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As oil prices continue to rise, coal will be increasingly important strategic position, the world's energy mix has become increasingly dependent on coal and coal-based fuel reformer. Direct combustion of coal, due to the thermal efficiency is low and the enormous environmental pollution, most areas in the country has been the prohibiting, so there is a prominent issue in front of us, how to get efficient and environmentally clean energy? Furnace gas is a mature technology, environmental protection, clean coal technology widely.
Furnace gas is coal or coke, carbonaceous materials as raw materials, air and water vapor as gasification agent in the gas pressure fixed bed gasification furnace technology for combustible gas, the main component of the generated gases carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, combustible component is carbon monoxide and hydrogen, because it contains a large amount of inert component of nitrogen gas heat value is not so high, the low calorific value of about 6 MJ/Nm3.
Preparation with gas furnace gas technology has been one hundred years of history, is a very mature coal gas technology, with traditional coal combustion, has the following advantages:
1, through the coal, producer gas furnaces and heat treatment furnaces were used for the economic comparison, from the energy point of view, in the normal production under normal operating conditions, the energy ratio of the two fuels are coal stove stove: gas furnace = 1:0.95, which uses coal producer gas compared with the direct energy savings of 5%.
2, the use of producer gas is conducive to the use of small energy burner, burner arrangement for easy adjustment through the kiln temperature, thereby improving product a product rate.
Traditional coal combustion heating fuel is not only the requirements of products, such as heating indeed be relatively clean products, only use muffle heating, which undoubtedly will greatly reduce fuel heat utilization. Furnace gas furnace technology in cold gas and hot gas two kinds, according to the nature of the product to select a different fuel gas, heating fuel cleanliness of the products is not required, can be hot gas; heating fuel cleanliness are required The products can be prepared into a clean gas purification cold gas, cold gas and dust content of harmful ingredients (such as H2S) is very low, does not pollute the products, which can use an open flame burning. Traditional coal burning temperature of the furnace is difficult to control, often temperature rose and do not want it, want to drop down do not go to happen. The application of cold gas and hot gas heating products, such as adjusting the furnace temperature only adjust the gas valve and air valve opening, is very simple, to improve product quality, improve production processes, improve working conditions and environmental health has a very significant effect .
3, pollutant emissions than traditional coal burning less.
Traditional coal combustion and conventional coal utilization process will produce a large number of pollutants, causing serious environmental pollution. Mainly due to:
(1) Coal easily sufficient contact with oxygen and the formation of incomplete combustion, the combustion efficiency is low, the relative increase in emissions;
(2) the combustion process is not easy to control, such as a large number of volatile oxygen precipitates are often insufficient, resulting in precipitation and black smoke soot;
(3) Most of the sulfur in coal during combustion oxidation SOx;
(4) the temperature of solid fuel burning is difficult to uniformly form a local high temperature region, to promote large NOx; formation;
(5) untreated solid direct combustion of coal, a large amount of dust will be discharged together with the flue gas, causing a lot of dust pollution.
Furnace gas dust removal technology through the gas, washing, etc. decoking process, strict control of the fly ash and other pollutants into the atmosphere, the combustion process is reasonable, generate fewer harmful emissions. Gas Station wastewater recycling, basically nothing more than rows.
4, the gas amount of air required for complete combustion of the air close to the theoretical amount required, the excess air coefficient
α ≈ 1.05, than the burning oil, coal less easy to adjust the flame to reduce the incomplete combustion loss of heat due to the excess air reduction in the amount of waste gas is reduced, with the waste gas out of the heat loss will be reduced, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the whole equipment.
With producer gas as an industrial furnace fuel, relatively low cost and environmentally friendly, is the ideal fuel for industrial kilns, in our metallurgy, machinery, light industry, building materials, chemical and other industries are widely used.

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