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A new kind of coal gasifier

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Energy is human survival and development of the material basis. Today, most of the world's primary energy use, mainly using fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). As we all know, fossil fuels are non-renewable energy sources, and, at the same time they will have consumed CO2, SO2 and ash. In accordance with unclean extent of fossil energy in the ranking were: coal, oil and natural gas. In the energy consumption structure [10], our country and the rest of the developed world, a large gap, according to the "August 2000 China's energy development strategy and the" fifth "period of energy technology projects", the world's primary energy consumption, Coal accounts for only 26.3%, while China accounted for 72.9 percent of coal; world consumption of oil and gas accounted for 40.0 and 23.8%, respectively; while China's consumption is only 22.5 and 2.0%, respectively. According to expert forecasts, China's primary energy consumption of coal based pattern in a very long period of time is difficult to change, estimated that by mid-century, the proportion of coal consumption remained at 50%.
In recent years, domestic and international oil prices soaring international crude oil futures prices first quarter of 2005 has exceeded 60 U.S. dollars / barrel. The current high price of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas prices, and gas source localization great difficulty and stability of supply there is a big problem. These negative factors have led to series of energy-intensive industries (such as glass, ceramics, metallurgy, machinery, building materials and refractories industry, etc.) have to look at China's energy structure shifted to occupy a pivotal position in the very low price of coal resources up.
While coal as a direct fuel, has its very unfavorable factors. First, the direct burning of coal, thermal efficiency is low; secondly, the direct burning of coal smoke causes serious air pollution, the current national and local levels of government to develop a strict environmental policy. Direct coal-fired flue gas indicators have been difficult to meet environmental standards, and many cities have expressly limited "loose coal burning." In this situation, the clean combustion of coal enterprises will become more and more attention and favor burnup.
Generally speaking, clean coal combustion technology can be broadly divided into the following five sections: the coal before combustion technologies in coal-burning technology, after the burning of coal technology, coal conversion technology and coal bed methane utilization and waste treatment and the use of technology. Which coal before burning coal technology, coal and coal technology; fuel combustion in low-pollution technologies, sulfur combustion, fluidized bed combustion technology; burning after the flue gas purification technology, ash handling technology ; coal conversion technologies: coal gasification combined cycle power generation, coal gasification, coal gasification, coal liquefaction, fuel cells and MHD power generation technology; CBM utilization and waste treatment and utilization of coal-bed methane resources development technology utilization, slime utilization, utilization of coal gangue, slag utilization, pollution control technologies related plant, CO2 fixation and utilization technologies.
Currently, clean coal combustion technology research and development has entered a new historical period. Many researchers on coal conversion technologies conducted fruitful research and development, access to valuable results. Especially for coal gasification technology, from coal selection, process simulation and optimization, equipment design and optimization and other areas have made a lot of a lot of research workers work. Now for coal gasification, generally can be divided into a fixed bed, fluidized bed, entrained flow three types, the most used are of fixed bed gasification process. Atmospheric fixed bed gasification technology due to its use of raw materials less demanding, less investment and operating cost advantages, to produce gas in the machinery, metallurgical industry and building materials industry, various furnace on a variety of kilns have been wide range of applications.
Fixed bed gasification technology inChinafor more than 50 years of history, back in the early 1950s, our country has introduced a series of former Soviet gas furnace, and later on the basis of our country but also in the digestion and absorption of a number of independent research a gas furnace. With the development of the gas industry and environmental requirements has increased annually, two-stage gasifier in the country since the late 1980s before entering a new application stage. Gas furnace for research, apart from a handful of domestic Institutes (eg Ministry of Light Industry Beijing Planning and Design Institute, Department of Mechanical Design and Research Institute, etc.) has been in-depth study, few technical forces to participate in research on gas furnace equipment manufacturing, process optimization and other technical strength is weak, making the gas furnace technology development difficult.
Throughout the application of gas furnace, gas furnace hot gas station occupies a pivotal position in the machinery, metallurgy, refractory and ceramic industries building gas stations, mostly used for some type of bituminous coal gasification gasifier hot gas stations, these gas Station by tar clogging pipes hazards. The mid-1990s, some manufacturers began to own a furnace hot gas station transformed into two furnace hot gas stations, in order to solve the problem of clogged pipes. Gas Station through the application of two-stage heat furnace can indeed significantly reduce tar clogged pipeline to facilitate gas transported over longer distances, but the process is complex, the project cost is high, the choice for many companies is also very careful, do not small business or just choose a style gas station.
Given this situation, the company has developed a two-stage furnace has advantages, but the price is very competitive new gas furnace. The gas furnace to overcome some of the existing two-stage gas furnace and gas furnace for the production of hot bituminous coal gasification series of questions:
1 large coal issues
The long-term gas furnace operating at full material layer, coal material slow down, avoid adding coal dust and when taken out with the gas stream; addition, bottom section of the coal gasification thermal explosion and operating materials produced when coal exploration drill through thick thick layer of dry distillation filtration, all deposited in the compound used in coal gasification. This latter point is two furnaces can not do, and operation of thermal explosion of coal material produced when coal exploration drill will bring out the gas with the following paragraph.
2 tar problem
The dry distillation of the coal gasifier for the gasification section of the bottom material generated gas temperature of about 550 ~ 600
range, the distillation section is in low temperature distillation of coal carbonization, carbonization tar fluidity.
3 gas furnace operating complex problems
The gas furnace is full material layer operation, a single gas export gas furnace, in operation only to overcome the need to control a furnace air layer operation problems, but also to overcome the two furnaces need to adjust the ratio of the upper and lower sections of the gas problem. Gas furnaces easy to operate.
4 gas stove investment issues
The gas furnace retort furnace segment structure compared with two simple and low height, low investment.

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