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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd
Tangshan Keyuan environmental protection technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. 2015 Spring Festival Gala is held

In February 14, 2015, the staff of Tangshan Keyuan environmental protection technology equipment Co., Ltd. gathered together, held the annual commendation and spring party with the theme of "flying dream, sheep sail 2015" at the The Oasis Hotel in Tangshan City.
At the annual meeting, the chief executive of the company, the general manager of the company, made a sincere speech, reviewed the achievements made by the company in 2014 and the strategic plan of 2015, and guided the bright future of the company. In order to thank all the staff for a year of hard work and dedication and rich cultural life, the company has given awards to the leading and outstanding employees who have made outstanding contributions for a year, and carefully arranged a funny team game, exciting lottery, and wonderful song performance for all the staff. The company's cultural atmosphere has enhanced team cohesion. The whole festival was applauded and laughter continued, and it was successfully concluded in a festive and warm atmosphere.
2015 is a new starting point. Keyuan company will continue to face the wind and break the waves, creating greater brilliance for the new year.





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