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Tangshan Keyuan Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Co., Ltd
Successful acceptance of Tangshan Keyuan coal gasification engineering technology research center construction project

In September 24, 2014, the Tangshan City science and Technology Bureau organized the relevant experts to accept the construction project of the Tangshan City coal gasification Engineering Technology Research Center, which was undertaken by Tangshan Keyuan environmental protection technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. The project was completed by the end of 2013. The expert group examined the acceptance information provided by the construction unit, listened to the report and inspected the scene. After questioning the defense and serious discussion, the expert group agreed to pass the acceptance, and also drew a full stop to the construction project.
During the construction period of the project, Tangshan Keyuan developed a series of cold gas stations with dry distillation section gas producer, and built a new cooling and purification process equipment system for the 3.2 meter two stage gas generator. The comprehensive treatment method of phenol water in the gas station of the gas station and the 4 new technologies of gas on-line monitoring have been obtained, and a patent for the invention has been obtained. Five new patents, the establishment and improvement of the central management system, the introduction and training of more than 20 technical personnel, the formation of a stable research and development team with innovative consciousness.
Through the successful construction and acceptance of the R & D center, the status and influence of Tangshan Keyuan environmental protection technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. have been further promoted and achieved better economic and social benefits, which have played an active role in promoting the further development of enterprises and coal industry. Tangshan Keyuan will continue to abide by the quality policy of "continuous improvement and excellence", further play the role of the scientific and technological platform, strengthen cooperation with well-known colleges and universities, actively promote the development and progress of clean coal technology in China, and play its own energy and role.



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