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Brief introduction:
Acid cleaning is a very important process in steel wire production. The purpose is to remove the oxide film on the surface of wire rod and provide qualified billet for further processing. The purpose of the plate surface treatment is to remove the corrosion of the residual acid material to the matrix, increase the carrier to ensure lubrication, facilitate the cold processing deformation, improve the surface quality of the steel wire, remove the harmful surface impurities (including the coating), ensure that the steel wire is not corroded, the surface is smooth and clean, the plate drawing and cold heading or formation are processed. The mold is scratched in the course.
Technological innovation points:
1. manual conversion is easy to implement (from structural design to electrical design).
The crane is designed according to the automatic design, and the track is elevated to allow more space for the operation of the ground. The electrical control cabinet also reserved enough space, and the equipment selection also fully considered the conversion to automatic expansion.
1> crane adopts the bridge crane, which is not affected by the ground obstacles, and improves the safety of the operation platform.
2> operation car to solve the operation process workers follow problems, converted to automatic after easy to remove;
3> main control room PLC adopts SIEMENS S7-300 series PLC, which has excellent expansion function.
4> operates the car synchronously with the crane, so that workers can always grasp the status of the coil.
2. crane and wireless operation trolley
The crane and the operating trolley adopt the split type design. When the vehicle is upgraded to automatic control, it only needs to be dismantled by the operation trolley and operates the car with the big car to meet the requirements of manual and semi-automatic operation.
1> operation trolley adopts split design with crane.
The internal working parts of the 2> acid mist hood are stainless steel.
The 3> operation trolley has two kinds of control functions: semi-automatic and manual.
The interlocking control of the 4> crane and the operation car is controlled by the crane PLC of the control room, ensuring the safety of semi-automatic control.
5 > The control PLC of crane, operation car and main control crane adopts wireless transmission mode to avoid abnormal parking caused by circuit problems.
The unique design of 3. C hooks
C hook is a product designed by our company according to the size of the workpiece and the quality of pickling products. It is designed with the function of single drop water. Under the premise of satisfying the use function, it avoids the impact of the C hook falling on the product in the pickling link, improves the product's qualified rate and saves the energy.
Optimum design of 4. high pressure water spray effect
The high pressure water spray uses the advanced disc internal driving device. The high and low pressure water spray can be set by alternately flushing the inside and outside according to the need, so that after the pickling is finished, the washing effect is optimized.
1) the internal driving device of the coil has adjustable speed of advance and automatic stopping function of obstacles.
2) the coil drive device has a positive return function, and the rotation speed can be set according to requirements.
3) high and low pressure flushing has the function of washing inside and outside alternately, and the high pressure washing pressure has adjustable function.
4) the internal drive roller has quick change function, which can reduce the downtime caused by maintenance.
5) there are protective doors on both sides of the high-pressure water tank to prevent water from splashing into other tanks.
5. comfortable on-site operation environment
We have taken the appropriate control of the waste gases that may be leaked in the whole pickling line, such as the top of the mist cover, the side, the door and the various waste acid pools.
1) the top of the acid mist cover is sealed with a sealed brush and air curtain two.
2) the side suction port of the acid mist cover has the function of automatic shutdown.
3) Use hollow glass windows on one side of the operation platform of the acid mist cover, and coat with water-proof paint to ensure the precise control of the product while sealing.
4) the waste acid tank with exhaust gas overflow in the production line is equipped with a collection pipe, which is simultaneously treated with acid mist.
5) there are protective doors on both sides of the high-pressure water tank to prevent water from splashing into other tanks.
6. the selection of high quality accessories at home and abroad
In the design and selection of pickling line, high quality fittings at home and abroad are preferred to ensure the stable operation of the whole production line.
1) PLC selection of SIEMENS S7 series;
2) the reducer selects SEW series of products.
3) the PP plate used in the tank is a new Miller product.
4) the valve selects the domestic mature product;
5) InTouch:Wonderware is selected for industrial control software.
6) acidity meter and quantitative pump selection of thousands of products

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