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Desulphurization Tower


                                                                  Wet process tannin extract desulfurization system
Scope of application:
It is suitable for the purification and desulphurization (H2S removal) of producer gas or city gas.
The gas cleanliness can be adjusted according to actual needs, and the H2S content in the gas can be controlled smoothly.
1. compared with dry desulfurization, the operation cost is slightly lower, which avoids the increase of production cost caused by the poor desulfurization efficiency of the dry desulfurization system and the adsorption of sulfur after the regeneration of the desulfurizer.
2. compared with other wet desulphurization methods, it has the characteristics of stable operation, safe operation and high desulfurization efficiency. The desulfurization efficiency can reach over 97%, and the content of hydrogen sulfide in the gas after desulphurization is less than 50mg/Nm3.
Technological process:
The gas containing H2S enters the lower part of the desulfurizer tower, reacts with the desulphurizing liquid under the top of the tower, and removed the H2S absorption. The purified gas is discharged from the top of the desulphurization tower and then removed to the workshop after the removal of excess water in the dripper. The solution that has been drenched from the top of the tower is absorbed into the rich tank and then flows into the rich tank to analyze the sulfur. Then the solution is regenerated by the regenerated pump to the jet regenerated tank and reacts with the air. After the solution is oxidized and regenerated, the liquid level regulator flows into the poor tank, and then the desulphurizing pump is pumped into the desulphurizing tower and desulphurizing continuously. At the same time, the sulfur foam generated in the spray regeneration tank is spilt to the foam pool for filtration, and the sulfur paste is filtered out.

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