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Pyrolysis Gasifier with Clean Coal Technology

◆Environmental upgrading

★The whole process of phenol water solution

- purification, reuse (closed), no waste water, exhaust gas (steam) emissions

-Automatic steam balance system

Spraying system in the furnace

-clean gas and no pipe blockage.

-Low dust content of tar

-Increase the utilization of coal

★The whole process solution of "VOCS"

-source investigation, process control, waste gas treatment

Energy management and remote monitoring

★Energy management system

★Tele monitoring

Safety and automation

★Self cleaning system of the bell valve

-Prevent the condensation of tar in the bell valve

★Release the torch

-ignition and release of gas, with remote control operation function

★Monitoring system of furnace condition

-sensor inspection of furnace condition

★Constant pressure automatic control system

-Automatically adjust the pressure balance of gas and air system

★ On line detection system of gas composition

-Automatic detection of gas component content

★ Intelligent control system of gas station

Clean gas station collaborative disposal of waste solutions

With the introduction of the thought of big industry, the existing gas producer is used to participate in the city and factory management system, and the waste of living, the hazardous waste, the domestic sewage and the living sludge produced during the operation of the city and the factory are disposed in synergy. This not only reduces the site selection of the new facilities, the land use questions, but also saves the capital, which has high efficiency. The new way of low cost and good effect is the symbol of improving the level of urban management and factory management.

Synergetic treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater

Synergetic treatment of industrial and municipal sludge

Pyrolysis coal gasifier

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